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Speech and language develops gradually as children grow. Click on one of these ages to find out what children can achieve at that developmental stage.

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Many people across Nottinghamshire are working together to support Nottinghamshire’s communities to help their children learn to talk and communicate to the best of their ability. We work together to support staff and families across Nottinghamshire to help children develop the key building blocks of good spoken and written communication skills. We need to make sure the blocks at the bottom of the tower are stable and developing well if our children’s tower of language is to continue to grow tall. 

The model on the right is commonly used across the country. Hounslow Speech and Language Therapy team have made a video to explain their similar model. Click here to see them explain it.

Help is available to support you in helping your child learn to talk, click on any of those listed right to find out more.

Practitioners will find more detail about services that can support them in the practitioner zone

For more information about the strategy,please email us or click here